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New York Litigation Attorneys

All of the Firm's attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective, high-quality legal services.  It is our policy to provide clients with legal services that are goal oriented, responsive and reflect high standards of professionalism.

The Firm was founded by J. Joseph Wilder, Esq., Managing Partner, and Laura A. Linneball, now retired from private practice, in 2001.  Wilder & Linneball, LLP, has grown over the years and now has offices located in AlbanyBuffalo and Westchester, New York.  

The Firm handles the most complex types of litigation throughout New York State. Our attorneys regularly litigate before federal and state agencies and courts (trials and appeals), including administrative proceedings, construction and commercial disputes, employment-related and EEOC issues, ERISA, insurance coverage issues, personal injury, property damage, products liability cases and real estate matters. The skills and reputation established in the course of our representation as national and regional counsel for large, sophisticated clients throughout the United States are also put to effective use for individual and small business clients.